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Chandigarh Fairs and Festivals, India

Chandigarh Fairs and Festivals, India

Here is given the list of some popular Chandigarh fairs & festivals:

Baisakhi Festival

Baisakhi festival has a lot of significance for people of Punjab. It marks the beginning of harvest season. It also celebrates the founding of Khalsa panth. According to the solar calendar, this festivity of merriment falls on the first day of the Year, which is usually 14th April. Vaisakhi festival in Chandigarh, India is celebrated with lot of excitement and cheerfulness. Men and women dress up in the best of their clothing and visit temples and Gurudwaras to offer prayers. Special food is prepared at home. Folk dances are performed. Chandigarh Baisakhi festival celebration takes place with great pomp and show.

Chandigarh Carnival

Chandigarh carnival is a three day long mega event that is held every year in the month of November. It is usually hosted at the Leisure valley in Sector 10. It is organized by the Chandigarh administration to promote creativity and talent of the citizens of Chandigarh and adjoining places. Carnival of Chandigarh is celebrated with fun and frolic. It provides a platform, especially to children and senior citizens, to come forward and exhibit their talent. It gives a boost to talented people. Various competitions are conducted for senior citizens like painting and clay modeling etc. Pick and drop facilities are provided to senior citizens, so that they do not have to face any kind of inconvenience. This event definitely deserves a mention, when the talk is about the popular fairs and festivals of Chandigarh.

Chrysanthemums Show

Chrysanthemums Show in Chandigarh, India is a very famous flower show that is hosted every year at the Terraced garden in Sector 33. This fair is usually held in the month of December. In the Chandigarh Chrysanthemums flower show; you can find distinctive varieties of flowers. As a part of this show, various competitions are conducted regarding gardening, in which many city gardeners participate. Chrysanthemums Show has been drawing more and more crowds each year. This flower show has been increasingly gaining momentum.

Festival of Gardens

Chandigarh festival of gardens is one of the most popular festivals listed on the national calendar of festivals. It is a three-day extravaganza that is held in the month of February, mostly during the last week. Initially, this festival was called Rose festival and was started to motivate people to visit the rose garden and savor the marvelous sight of the blooms. Since then, Rose festival of Chandigarh, India has been gaining momentum. There are lots of things that have been incorporated. Today, it consists of various cultural programs consisting of classical and folk dances, musical performances, flower shows and exhibitions by local artists. This grand event also gives an opportunity to various companies to showcase their products. Since 1997, it is known as the festival of gardens.

Chandigarh Mango Festival

The name mango festival is suggestive of the fact that it is a festivity of mangoes. Mango festival in Chandigarh, India is celebrated with splendid grandeur. It gives a platform to all mango growers of our country to display their varieties. Also, the agricultural universities participate and exhibit the latest hybrids of this fruit. Chandigarh mango festival takes place in the month of June & Pinjore garden usually serves as the venue. This festivity cum fair gives a fabulous opportunity to the food industries that process mango into jams, pickles and canned fruit, to showcase their products. This fair is drawing more and more crowds every year.

Chandigarh Plaza Carnival

Held on an open stage in Sector 17, Chandigarh Plaza carnival is a very popular weekly show. It takes place on every Saturday evening. Plaza carnival in Chandigarh, India is hosted by a private group to encourage local artists to come forward and show their talent. Every week, there is some thing new to offer. It acts a platform to promote the talent of singers, dancers, comedians, magicians, actors and acrobats, who otherwise don't get an opportunity to prove their worth. It is a fabulous cultural program that has been increasingly gaining response from visitors.

Teej Festival Chandigarh

Teej festival in Chandigarh, India is celebrated with fun and frolic. It is a traditional festivity in which women participate enthusiastically. Teej festival falls in the first week of August. It is basically the festival of monsoon. On Chandigarh Teej festival, Rock garden serves as the festive venue, where different cultural programs take place. On this festive occasion, women adorn their hands with beautiful Mehndi designs. They buy colorful bangles and wear their special clothing. Various dance performances are held on this day. Giant wings are the main highlight of the festivity of Teej.

Maha Moorkh Sammelan

On first of April, Chandigarh organizes a humorous, jocular and nonsense poem recitation competition. Aptly christened the Maha Moorkh Sammelan, people take part in this competition to be declared the biggest fool among the lot. The proud winner of the competition then enjoys a donkey ride.

Indo-Pak Mushaira

Chandigarh hosts the annual event of the Indo-Pak Mushaira that takes place in December. The event brings poets of India and Pakistan on the same stage and is an effort to bring the people of the two countries together.